Whether you just need an amp while your is in the shop or you just want to try playing with something different to see if it gets your creative juices flowing, we have you covered. We offer amps for guitar and bass as well a full drum kit (excludes cymbals) at affordable per session prices.

Drum Kit

Pearl Export 5 piece kit, 12″-13″ -16″-22″ & 6.5″x14″ snare. all hardware, pedals & stool.(NO CYMBALS SUPPLIED) 

$22.00 / Rehearsal Session.

Guitar Amplifiers

  • Marshall AVT2000 & Quad Box.
  • Marshall MG100FX & Quad Box.

$22.00 / Rehearsal Session.

Bass Amplifier

LAB Sytems SS300 Watt Head with Lab Systems Quad Box 300 Watt

$22.00 / Rehearsal Session.